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13 February
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This is the journal of D.M. Atkins.

D.M. Atkins is an author of both non-fiction and fiction. Atkins is publisher at ForbiddenFiction.com. Atkins’ most recent published novel is Faewolf, co-authored with Chris Taylor, is an erotic fantasy from Circlet Press. A journalist and anthropologist, Atkins has edited several anthologies on LGBT topics, including Looking Queer, Lesbian Sex Scandals and Bisexual Women in the 21st Century and is the former editor of both Locus and Shadows Of… magazines. In recent years, Atkins has written fan fiction under a pseudonym, and has won awards for online erotic fiction. Atkins lives in the Bay Area with two husbands, their son, and two cats.

In addition to this journal, there is a yahoo groups mailing list with updates about current and future writings by D.M. Atkins and co-authors.

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I also have a mirrored journal at Insane Journal.

I also write fanfiction and post it at the journal, slashpervert. Eventually, I hope to have this journal set up with a masterlist of works and information about works in progress the way I have done so for that account. The yahoo groups mailing list for writings by Slashpervert and co-authors can be found HERE.

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